What is an ePaper and how can it benefit my business?

What is an ePaper and how can it benefit my business?

ePapers, digital publications and e-Magazines sound familiar but what are they really?

If you are not familiar with ePublishing services the term ePaper might sound confusing. Nevertheless jumping in an early boat can bring great assets to the content produced by your business.

What is an ePaper?

Basically, an ePaper is an online version of a PDF. Once you upload a PDF containing articles, advertisement, photographs, products, etc. they are positioned exactly as in the print version but in a digital form. ePapers or ePublications give an interactive multimedia experience for your clients, and that is why they are key tools for anyone wanting to distribute content or products online.

The biggest difference between a normal PDF and an ePaper is the reading experience. While in a traditional PDF you need to scroll or click to see your pages, an ePaper lets you flip the pages of  your ePaper like any traditional printed material. If you are on a mobile device with a touch screen you simply swipe the pages left or right to go forward or backward in the ePaper.

Example of a PDF product catalog uploaded to MagNet e-Publishing

What can you do with an ePaper?

By creating product catalogs, brochures, business reports, menus, or -Insert your creative idea here- and  making them available for people to see them online, you are not only putting your business in the online map but extending the value of your efforts and the awareness of your brand.

In MagNet e-Publishing we use HTML5 to convert your PDF into an ePaper in a few minutes. Creating an ePaper works with any PDF publicatios and it is an effective way to reach more audiences via your website, blogs and social networks.

Adding links and adding visual material to your content is a good investment independently of your business sector because customers are increasingly more exposed to information that is available everywhere at anytime.

And remember, once your PDF is online with our service it will also be searchable by search engines, meaning more viewers for your material!

Try out the MagNet e-Publishing service.

Your trial ePaper is valid for one week. After this the ePaper will be automatically deleted from our server, but if you like how it works then you can always make a new one!