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Turnkey solution or do it yourself

MagNet SelfService

Manage your online publications as it suits you. Through our online interface you can upload and convert PDF files into FlipBooks and get your ready-to-use links. You have an overview of all your ePapers and can freely replace them as often as you like.

MagNet FullService

We take care of the whole FlipBook production for you. You deliver a PDF file to us and we return the ready ePaper link with your preferred features. We can optionally provide you with custom built solutions to serve your specific needs. Read more about the different possibilities below.

MagNet Accessible

We make your FlipBooks accessible. The directives for authorities, municipalities and other public bodies aim at increased digital accessibility for users with disabilities. The accessibility requirements on the web apply to both PDF files and FlipBooks.

Improve the reader experience with custom solutions

Create effective lead magnets using lead forms

Direct purchases are not always possible. Sometimes a longer interactive path to purchase is required. With interactive forms you can convert your interested readers into marketing leads. Let us embed your existing forms into your publication or create the forms you need if they don’t yet exist.

With pop-up lead forms you can collect quote requests, newsletter subcriptions, feedback as well as the contact information of potential new clients for your marketing database. Guide your readers through the customer journey in the best way possible.

Delivery options for your ePaper

You can choose if you want your MagNet ePaper publication on your own domain or even on your own hosting server. You can also request an offline version of the publication to share with your partners and resellers locally without Internet-connection using a USB flash drive or workstation harddrive.

Want To Improve Your Business?
Offer a digital catalog with direct purchases!

Encourage your readers to buy directly in the online catalog

Offer your customers a digital catalog where they can place an order immediately through a “Buy now” button in the catalog. This is guaranteed to increase online sales. When the reader gets a good online experience the probability of online purchases increase! This makes eCommerce catalogs a good investment.

Interactive publications provide a memorable experience

For an even improved reader experience it’s possible to add rich media to your catalog. We create an interactive publication by linking your videos, articles, online shop, forms or additional images. In moments you get a multimedia FlipBook that activate and engage your readers.

Additional services

  • color coded bookmark tabs
  • creation of table of contents
  • adding of links
  • creation of downloadable PDF file
  • instruction page
  • password protection
  • custom appearance

Showcase your ePapers with a gallery

With a public and branded gallery page you can present and share all your content, products and services to your readers in a smart and elegant way. Instant automated publishing without the need for a webmaster or third party!


MagNet e-Publishing

More than 15 Years of Experience

Our MagNet e-Publishing team has more than 15 years of experience with online publishing services with thousands of customers. Our first virtual Magazine on the Net was e-published in 2004. We host your publications in the cloud making them accessible to customers 24/7 on any platform.

Saves Time & Resources

We have put all our experience into making a fast and easy self-service that lets you create state of the art online publications – no prior skills or software required. Just by uploading your PDF a captivating online publication link for your audience is automatically created in minutes.

Suits All Kinds of Publishing

Our digital publishing service is perfect for organisations of every size to distribute content on all online channels. Publish your catalogs, magazines, books, documents and more readable with page turn effects with just a few clicks and share or embed your information in an elegant way.

Made for Marketers

Use attractive MagNet ePapers as lead magnets in your marketing strategy. Simply publish the HTML5 ePaper flip book by adding the created link or the embedded code to your webpage or blog. Or use the GalleryPage to integrate all publications on one single page automatically.

See just how easy your online publishing workflow can get!

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