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Our platform empowers users with a seamless and easy process, allowing them to transform static documents into interactive, dynamic Flipbooks and ePapers in just a few clicks.

Publish & Share

MagNet e-Publishing makes something better out of your PDFs. Display the Flipbook for your reach, with more traffic and new target groups available by sharing e-publications to thousands of readers and prospects.

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Transform your static PDFs into stunning HTML5 eBooks

We provide you with the simplest and most effective solution for converting documents, ensuring a seamless experience for users as they explore dynamic and engaging content.

Publish your catalogs, magazines, books, documents and more with just a few clicks and share or embed your information in an elegant way readable with page turn effects. We offer the service with all the features included and the best thing is that you don’t need to worry about anything.


Making an online Flipbook has never been this easy

We have put all our experience and customer feedback into making a fast and easy self- service that lets you create state of the art online publications no new skills or software required.

Work with familiar applications such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, Scribus or Word and edit your publication to your liking. Finally, upload the PDF file to our service, and watch as our platform effortlessly transforms it into an interactive and engaging Flipbook, ready to captivate your audience online.


Input a PDF

Drop a PDF in the highlighted area. Name the file well, the name becomes the link to the ePaper.


Relax and let us take care of the rest

While the publication is prepared, you can go grab a coffee or stretch your muscles.


Receive the ready Flipbook link

A link to your ePaper will appear after a short while. The same link will also be emailed to you.

Multiple ways to share your publication


Each digital publication you create with MagNet e-Publishing generates its own direct link. Copy it and share it with your audience through all possible channels.


Send your brochure as an e-mail link and say no to heavy attachments. You can also put the link in the footer of your newsletter for easier access to the publication.

Social media

Share your publication on social media with the built-in sharing feature.


Use the embed feature to place your online publication directly on one of your websites. Or as an image in your e-mail.

Make your own 48 hour free trial Flipbook in 3 simple steps

Fill in the form

Drop a PDF in the highlighted area

You get the link to your new Flipbook


Start publishing in minute or sign up for full service. All prices include Flipbook conversion and hosting.
Choose the plan most suitable for you or ask for a quote.

MagNet SelfService – Do it yourself

Convert your PDF to Flipbook today!

Go beyond boring PDFs to stunning Flipbooks.

Easy, straightforward and simple

MagNet e-Publishing is the perfect solution for your company. Making an online publication has become surprisingly easy. It is based on modern technology, quick production workflows and above all, you publish and share your publications easily.

MagNet ePaper works as an easy-to-use online version through an Internet-based service. State of the art browsing is realized with the device-independent HTML5 format. MagNet e-Publishing is an effective marketing channel for international markets and you can publish the necessary different language versions to different countries without a need to update your website.

Create your online publications as it suits you

Through our online interface you can upload and convert PDF files into Flipbooks and get your ready-to-use links around the clock.

Get ready-to-use links

Unlock convenience with our ready-to-use links for your online Flipbooks. Skip the hassle of complex setups as we provide you with a seamless process, allowing you to effortlessly share and distribute your captivating Flipbook content across platforms with just a click.

Overview your ePapers & replace them as you like

Take charge of your digital publications effortlessly with our online interface. Gain the flexibility to overview and replace your ePapers at your convenience, ensuring your content stays dynamic and tailored to your evolving needs.

Flipbook examples

magnet e-publishing flipbook client example

All features always included

Use the service for example for your catalogs, brochures, magazines, documents, annual reports or other PDF files. We offer the service with all features included and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Easy to share

Embed on any webpage

Responsive design for all platforms

Multilingual viewer

Unlimited scalability and pages

Add videos and links

Optimized for search and analytics

Table of contents

Always ad-free

No technical skills required

Optional viewer features

  • Copying of text
  • Annotations
  • Downloadable PDF file
  • Automatic flip (slideshow)
  • Hard Cover
  • Analytics reader tracking script

Features are activated upon request.

Comments from our satisfied customers

In the fall of 2008, Skoda began collaboration with Communication Pro, and Skoda has been very satisfied. With the service, all of Skoda’s promotional material is always up-to-date, brand-managed, and easily readable online with just a few clicks. The MagNet e-Publishing service best met our needs.


 Kari Aalo, Communications Manager

 Helkama-Auto Oy

We chose MagNet e-Publishing as the service meets our requirements in a good way. Since we conduct training sessions through a platform such as MS Teams, Zoom, or similar, participants can easily follow the course material. It is straightforward for us teachers to directly refer to supplementary texts and the like. It is also easy for us to create and distribute customized course materials.


Jan Öhman, Chairperson

Wenell Management AB

We have been working with Communication Pro for 15 years. The cooperation is smooth, the service we receive is fast, friendly and professional.


Janne Häivälä, Editor-in-chief

Marketing Finland

In previous works, we have used other companies for browsable catalogs. We found different companies available on the market by searching online, contacted them, and eventually chose MagNet e-Publishing. MagNet e-Publishing is simple without any complications and the offer and the simplicity decided our choice.


Agnieszka Lindberg, Webmaster

Folkpool AB

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that ePapers can be replaced as often as we like?

Our service plans are limited to a certain number of slots. In the Basic plan, the previous publication is always replaced and only the newest one is readable, but you can update the publication as often as you like. The Starter plan comes with 6 slots and the Business plan with 50 slots by default. If your plan is full, you won’t be able to upload multiple PDFs, but you can free up a slot by deleting an old ePaper or you can upgrade your plan to increase the number of slots!

How many ePapers can I publish?

You are free to publish as many ePapers as you wish. Our service plans are only limited to a certain amount of simultaneous slots. The starter plan comes with 6 slots and the business plan with 50 slots by default. If your plan is full you will not be able to upload another PDF but you can free up a slot by deleting an old ePaper or then you can upgrade your plan to add more slots! Your free trial ePaper will last 48 hours, after that the publication is automatically deleted from our servers but you are free to make a new one.

Can I publish the ePapers created by MagNet e-Publishing on more than one website?

Yes, you can link and embed your ePaper on many websites, newsletters and Social Media. Remember to remove the ePaper link from all websites when you delete the ePaper.

How do I create my own ePaper trial publication?

To create a free trial publication follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill in your email address to our website form.
  2. Upload your PDF file by dragging and dropping your PDF into the highlighted area. You can also click and select your file.
  3. Our server will upload and convert the PDF. Once it is ready you will receive a notification in your email with the link to your PDF.
  4. Done! Your ePaper is ready.

NOTE: Usually the upload process of a PDF takes a couple of minutes. In extraordinary cases if there is a queue of PDF’s to be uploaded to our server it can take longer time. Don’t worry! We will notify you by email once your PDF is ready, in the meantime you can take a coffee and stretch those muscles.

Why can’t I upload my PDF?

If you’re having trouble with the upload of your PDF it might be that your PDF is too big or it does not fulfill the requirements of our website. Try with a smaller sized PDF file.


  • Keep your file size below 500 Mb (for the trial version the limit is 25Mb).
  • All pages should have same height and width. Example: all pages in A4 format and portrait orientation.
  • Name the file well, the name becomes the link to the online publication. Avoid special characters and spaces in the filename.This is good: Brand-autumn-collection.pdf
    This is bad: Brand autumn*september. collection%version#3.pdf

If your plan is full you will not be able to upload another PDF but you can free up a slot by deleting an old ePaper or then you can just upgrade your plan!

Still not sure why your PDF is looking odd or cannot upload? Contact our support team for more information: support(at)

My ePaper does not look good. Why is this happening?

Sometimes a PDF document is not optimized for ePaper use. To avoid this, please review these requirements:

  1. All pages should have same height and width. Example: all pages in A4 format and portrait orientation.
  2. Crop marks and bleeds should be removed
  3. We recommend that your PDF file is at least 200 dpi in resolution.
  4. If your PDF is using photos, graphics or any other kind of images, make sure they are in high resolution. 200 to 300 dpi to avoid pixelation.
  5. Avoid adding crop marks to your PDF document, otherwise they will be visible.
  6. We recommend the use of big, sharp, readable font types or Web fonts. This will guarantee a clean and crisp look in your texts.
  7. In order to create a digital replica of your original content you must have the copyright of the original document.

What you see is what you get. Please read our instructions how to create a flawless online publication here.