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BlueTooth                                                                    HID iCLASS SEOS
NFC 13,56 kHz                                                        Mifare DESFire

               125 kHz

                                                     Mifare Classic

            Infare Prox
            Farpointe Prox

Mifare CSN

Hedsam X supports many identifier technologies

Not only traditional Prox readers but also many      The Hedsam X system’s door electronics and
new readers can be connected to this latest system.  centralisers have been completely redesigned.
The new safer Mifare DESFire and HID iCLASS SEOS     Eight door electronic cards, two input connection
reader technologies offer the best reader and        cards and two relay output cards can be connected
identifier safety.                                   to the new Hedsam-Node centraliser. The Node also
The additional use of NFC and Bluetooth devices      has an Ethernet connection through which it can be
as identifiers gives much broader possibilities      connected to the server.
than before to install demanding systems without     Two readers can be connected to one set of Hedsam
compromising on safety.                              door electronics. There are also connections for five
                                                     inputs and four relay outputs.
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