frequently asked questions

How do I reactivate my subscription if the automatic renewal payment fails?
How do I create my own ePaper trial publication?
How do I create my public GalleryPage?
How do I add publications to my GalleryPage?
Is it possible to change the order of the publications on my GalleryPage?
How do I customize / brand my public GalleryPage?
Can I have multiple GalleryPages for different publications?
What happens if I am running out of ePaper slots?
How is the viewer customization implemented in the SelfService plans?
Why can’t I upload my PDF?
How do I upgrade or cancel my active service plan?
Is my data secure?
Is multimedia included?
Can I add a table of contents to my ePaper publication?
Do you support multiple PDF upload?
Why don’t I see anything about viewing or sharing limits?
How many ePapers can I publish?
Can I use the service to create ePapers for my clients?
Can I publish the ePapers created by MagNet e-Publishing on more than one website?
Do my readers need to install any software or other third-party software to view my ePapers?
Is there a max number of pages an issue can have?
Is there a limitation on the number of pages, local publications or uploads?
Can I create HTML5 based publications from Text/image/Word/PPT files?
What is the maximum PDF size to upload?
Are there any preferred specifications on the PDF file?
How long can I use MagNet e-Publishing for free?
My ePaper does not look good. Why is this happening?
How does a upgrade affect the plan price?
How do I modify my active customizations?
What does it mean that the ePapers are “SEO friendly”?