Why can’t I upload my PDF?

Why can’t I upload my PDF?

If you’re having trouble with the upload of your PDF it might be that your PDF is too big or it does not fulfill the requirements of our website. Try with a smaller sized PDF file.



  • Avoid crop marks in your PDF.
  • Keep your file size below 500 Mb (for the trial version the limit is 25Mb).
  • Please organize page order and size before uploading.
  • All pages should have same height and width. Example: all pages in A4 format and portrait orientation.
  • Name the file well, the name becomes the link to the online publication. Avoid special characters and spaces in the filename. This is good: Brand-autumn-collection.pdf This is bad: Brand autumn*september collection.pdf

If your plan is full you will not be able to upload another PDF but you can free up a slot by deleting an old ePaper or then you can just upgrade your plan!

Still not sure why your PDF is looking odd or cannot upload? Contact our support team for more information.