Use GalleryPage to display your collection of ePapers

With your public GalleryPage you can easily showcase your publications to the world. Your selected ePapers will appear on your page as thumbnails and are each readable with a single click. The page content is easily managed through our SelfService-interface. Instant automated publishing without the need for a webmaster or third party!

An elegant and responsive custom branded GalleryPage engages the readers and strengthens your brand.

The branding to match your corporate identity can include the following elements:

  • Add a logo or banner
  • Write a catchy title and description
  • Add your own background color or image
  • Use your corporate font
  • Your page can be in any language

GalleryPage showcases all your FlipBook publications on a page

See how to publish with your own GalleryPage!

With MediaBank you can combine images, videos and publications

MediaBank is the easiest way to visually showcase your images, videos and publications in one central location on your website. We provide you a branded gallery with strong sort functions. All you have to do is fill it with relevant content.

MediaBank is best described as a microsite bringing together media files visually in form of a captivating gallery. The mixed media files content allows marketers to mix and match content to create the optimal combination for each scenario.

Use the service for your:

  • events
  • product images
  • brand media files
  • videos
  • educational files
  • selective AR/VR collections
  • brochures
  • online exhibitions

Your promotional content always online.

See MediaBank in action