Why are online readers moving from PDF to flipping html5 ePapers?

Why are online readers moving from PDF to flipping html5 ePapers?

Reading is one activity that millions of people do during working hours as well as enjoy as a hobby and for fun. The new trend is to read these digital documents online and on mobile devices. Why do html5 format ePapers provide a better online reading experience than PDF files? Check out our 7 reasons below!

1. PDF is inconvenient to read online

Portable Document Format in short PDF-files are very popular due to their convenience. They are easy to share and work with. However conventional PDFs are rather dull and do not respond to the user’s input online: people can only download but not read them easily on the Web.

2. Don’t clog readers computer

Receiving a large PDF file in one’s inbox can be extremely annoying. Once a person clicks on the PDF, he may be stuck waiting for hours for the document to download if it happens to have a large file size. On the other hand if a low-resolution PDF-downloads quickly, it may have non desired viewing or print quality issues.

3. HTML5 is a smooth format

Instead of putting customers or others in this position, you should send a ePaper html5-link instead. A fully optimized html5-link is fast and easy to access and ready to view for your customers and best of all, it needs no downloading. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to make interactive PDFs into this modern html5-format that people can read online even if you do not have any technical knowledge. The html5 format is the state of the art for modern browsers and mobile devices.

4. No need to redesign the PDF to create a html5 ePaper

A digital ePaper takes the design from both the printed original and the digital pdf-file and converts it for the web in html5 as a replica without any changes in design. Your page-flipping ePaper publication is comfortable to browse through and offers the reader a ultimate viewing experience with enhanced functionalities on any device. Navigation is very well known to all readers from printed magazines and searching is easier than of a pdf and it looks and feels more like a printed version.

5. Make your documents look great

A document created with a PDF to ePaper converter has a professional, elegant and gorgeous look, just like the printed version. Your publication is displayed with the HTML5-based viewer which is simple and in no way distracting to the users reading experience. It is an all-around clear easy to use interface, preferably ad-free goes without saying.

6. Provide a familiar reading experience

The act of turning a crisp page in a magazine, while sipping on coffee or hot tea, is a hobby that many people look forward to. This experience of reading does not have to be lost when a person uses a tablet to read a magazine. ePaper enables page-turning technology that provides people with the authentic experience of reading. They feel like they are turning pages in a real magazine.

7. Give millions of people access to your documents from any device

Posting an eMagazine or eCatalog on your website provides millions of people with access to your documents. Not only can people read your flip book from a laptop, but they can also access the document from a smartphone or tablet. Flip page technology also changes the way that you can connect with an audience. Customers have an increased level of interest for your business and content.

ePaper Paper Viewer cross device

Introducing MagNet e-Publishing: Quick and easy

When you make use of MagNet e-Publishing’s www.virtualmagnet.eu service, you will be able to upload a simple PDF file and you will find that the magazine’s html5-link is created in just a few minutes. The file can then be uploaded publicly for other people to see and make use of themselves.

If you are trying to figure out a way to increase readers or get your name out there, having an digital interactive magazine on the Internet is definitely a great choice. When it comes to using the MagNet e-Publishing service, the entire process of creating such a magazine is quick and easy.

MagNet e-Publishing is affordable

You can also feel great knowing that you’re not spending a fortune just to have some professionals install or embed the magazine for you on your site. Best of all, you do not need to have a lot of skills in internet technology or know-how to get your own magazine uploaded onto the web. This process is made super easy when you’re using MagNet e-Publishing services which is the top choice when it comes to creating online books, magazines and catalogs.

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