What is an eBook? How should marketers use it?

What is an eBook? How should marketers use it?

eBooks are not only online published books but also online published documents on the web. Do you want to publish content as a text book or as a more visual magazine? This article highlights the main differences between a traditional eBook and a marketing eBook.

You can at first glance see only small differences on the devices between a marketing eBook (iPad, tablet, laptop) and a traditional eBook in the image above. But while using the devices the used file format gives quite different results.

Focus on reading text in traditional eBooks

Traditional eBooks are mostly text based with little in the way of superfluous design or decoration. They are usually read using e-reader devices like Kindle, Nook, etc. The eBook format can still seem a little daunting to marketers and that’s mostly because of the perception that eBooks are reserved for professional publishers and authors.

Visually appealing Marketing eBooks

In contrast, marketing eBooks are primarily used as informative and captivating aids and so they should be visually engaging, with imagery to help soften the content and explain complicated ideas. They often include interactive elements like links and videos.

Think of the content for your audience

While choosing the format as a marketer you need to ask yourself: which is your audience more likely to respond to? You should choose the one that best suits your content, your business goals and your audience.

You do not need many formats

While this can seem confusing at first it is important to remember that you do not need to publish in all of these formats. For example, if you wanted to include embedded video in your eBook then you should avoid ePUB as it doesn’t support multimedia elements.

The marketing eBook is also called FlipBook and ePaper

Although eBook is the most used name for an online publication or digital edition today, many other names are used for an online publication when used as a content marketing eBook. Just to name a few: FlipBook, ePaper, LookBook, Turn Page Publication etc.

Interested in more differences between eBook file formats?

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