How to streamline the work process of online publishing

How to streamline the work process of online publishing

Online catalogs and magazines are beneficial for business owners because they enable your clients to browse your services and products anywhere and with any device. If your target is to keep the creation process simple, straightforward and less time consuming, MagNet e-Publishing is the right tool for you. See in our video just how easy your online publishing workflow can get!

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See how your online publishing workflow gets easier with MagNet e-Publishing!
Create visually stunning publications yourself, preferably using Adobe InDesign, and export or save
the document as a pdf-file for print. Or continue letting your ad agency create the publications. Then just choose your high-resolution pdf and drag it into the service. The pdf uploads fast and is converted to a online friendly html5 ePaper format. In seconds, or a few minutes if the file is very big, the ePaper URL is ready to be copied from the UI into a website.

Expose all your content with ease

Instead of linking the created URL each time separately to your website by the webmaster, you can publish the new publication just by one click to your own branded GalleryPage. This way you can showcase all your publications online on one gallery page, kiosk or book shelf with your corporate design on your own website. The viewers can share the publications and just click on a thumbnail to read the new turn page online publication. Your publications are more present on search engines, like Google, as the the page and publications are search optimised (SEO).

A flip book engages your readers

The usability of an html5 ePaper is to browse through a magazine altogether. The client will be able to just flip through the pages without going from one site to another. Readers are captivated by page-turning technology as it is so familiar to navigate through and it makes customers feel like they are reading a top-quality print catalog. It’s an easy and highly interactive way for them to get what they need and find what they want.

The publications are easily shared and found

What’s more, these online publication links can be shared on social media or emailed to your clients so that they are able to receive them even if they do not visit your site. As the html5- publication is automatically search engine optimised it helps your readers to find what they are looking for.

Do not waste traditional page setting skills

Most companies design their publications first for print, which are later converted into a web browsable digital format by a cloud service. Obviously the result for print purposes are ultimately the best, as the workflow skills are widely spread since years and you can find skilled people for this process anyware. These skills, to make the InDesign-file with great design, also includes the outstanding working design for the high-resolution PDF as the origin for the digital replica online publication – a turn page ePaper or flip page eBook.

Focus on well functioning workflows to boost quality and save time

As often many people need to get involved in the creation process, this often leads to difficulties in keeping deadlines. By utilising the experienced workflow by catalog and magazine creators combined with the new quick uploading and easy publishing cloud service you are very flexible even when deadlines are pushing.

See also our guide on how to create a flawless PDF for online publishing here.

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