Why do recurring seasonal online catalogs sell?

Why do recurring seasonal online catalogs sell?

Because everyone wants to discover what’s new! Shop online for women’s shoes, clothing, bags, watches, accessories etc. but make online shopping more interesting.

You probably all know lines like these on a webpage, in newsletters or on Facebook. Then you just click a link to view items published as a personalized gift catalog for the season.

Making a difference

An intuitive product catalog that highlights the best of your online offerings can help you build a consistent brand identity that your customers will value and trust. For many business owners, using this type of method as a marketing technique is enabling them to increase their revenue and truly enjoy the fact that they are bringing in more customers for themselves.

Readers and customers love online catalogs

Readers are captivated by page-turning technology as it is so familiar to navigate through and it makes customers feel like they are reading a top-quality print catalog. Online catalogs on their own or printed catalogs combined with interactive online catalogs result in the best eCommerce. Let your readers discover the latest in women’s fashion and men’s clothing in an online catalog.

Supercharge Existing Content

Get more value from existing content in printed catalogs by recycling it into a new format, a beautiful ePaper. This multichannel approach gives these companies a competitive edge as buyers use much more time with these kind of products. Printed catalogs are not dead, they are actually re-entering the market.

Publish Your Holiday Catalog and Seasonal Catalogs

Publish full color holiday catalogs personalized to identify your store as the place to shop for in this example clothes. But you can do more than a fantastic holiday catalog! Publish seasonal catalogs. Consistent marketing drives business and keep you in front of your customers all year long.

Save Time & Resources while producing online catalogs

Online services like MagNet e-Publishing help you recycle content from a catalog that you already created for printing as a new online page turn pdf-replica. No technical or design skills are required. One less thing on your to-do list! With MagNet e-Publishing you can convert your existing pdf into a professionally designed online html5 ePaper automatically in as little as 60 seconds, and this without hiring a creative team!

Reach a broader audience - Publish and Share Anywhere

What’s more, these interactive catalogs can be shared on social media or emailed to your clients so that they are able to receive them even if they do not visit your site. Instantly sharing your ePaper helps content reach people from outside your network. Whether it’s from a computer or a mobile friendly smartphone version, make sure your content gets in front of as many people as possible.

Summer Catalog

Summer shopping brings its own set of challenges. Summer catalogs should showcase clothes with the concentration on summer travel and outdoor play. You can also drive traffic to your store with a thoughtful and interesting program of summer activities. Each catalog should be structured to expose good clothes, services and product knowledge. Playful, colorful, informative; a perfect blend to drive business.

When is the right time to start exposing your products online?

The answer is long before the holiday seasons, like 2 months before Christmas. Research proves that consistent marketing is the best answer to successfully getting the attention of your customers. With these seasonal catalogs, your customers will see your exciting store information, pages packed with toys and a great introduction to the season.

Readers actually want to buy what they see!

You can capture the interest of your customers by creating an intriguing catalog to feature the latest products of your company. By using an eBook, FlipBook or ePaper online catalog, your company increases the likelihood that a customer instantly purchases the product upon seeing it. After all, catalogs are made for online-shopping.

Product Catalogs help eCommerce

Make your online product catalog an important cornerstone for eCommerce retailers. It is a additional way to address a large number of customers and provides a well known user interface to present your products. Customers frequently wish to purchase items as soon as they view them within an online catalog.

Call To Actions

Point readers in the right direction with a conversion optimized call to action hot spot or buying tab. They click on the link and are then taken to the company’s web shop for this chosen product. It cannot get easier than this.

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