Expose your content! Showcase all your publications online on a gallery page or bookshelf!

Expose your content! Showcase all your publications online on a gallery page or bookshelf!

With a gallery page or bookshelf embed you can add whole collections of magazines to your website and showcase them for your readers. The gallery page presents all your publications on one webpage. Users can read and switch through them live.

The gallery page is an essential tool to present several publications on one Internet address. A gallery page is available as a link from your webpage and needs no special attention regarding the administration of your homepage. Find below 5 topics to be aware of when using a gallery page.

1. Showcase with your corporate design on the website

Every gallery page should have its own unique independent design. Your own gallery page then matches with your own corporate design. To create this you may adapt the logo, define colors for background, choose typography for text and headlines and content of your gallery page.

2. Offer your readers easy sharing

Many readers want to share their finding on the Internet or social channels. You can embed a single magazine easily into a blog or social media. Users can read and share magazines themselves anytime directly on Facebook and LinkedIn. You have the opportunity to connect all your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with your gallery page as well.

Your readers can share the gallery page using social media links directly from your gallery page. Link directly to your gallery page from your social media platforms and your website. Also your business partners can link to your gallery page and offer customers the latest issues and offers.

3. Share your publications anywhere on any device, but avoid distracting ads

The gallery page should have a responsive design to suite any device and platform. We think your publications need the total attention of your readers and therefore deserve a non-exposing viewer design to enhance this experience. No distracting ads from third parties should be present either on a gallery page.

4. Automated publishing made easy

Your publications can be automatically published to the webpage. You arrange and manage your magazines and decide when and which publications are public on the website. You do not need any technical skills to publish your magazines. The workflow is as simple as a child’s play. Simply organise your online publications by activating the online ePapers. You may update an existing magazine to the gallery page or even replace existing documents with new versions.

5. Call attention to your content and webpage through the gallery page

Keep in mind, that you can present your publications to be more present on search engines like Google, if the publications and the page is search engine optimised (SEO). Get an higher traffic to your gallery page by the use of backlinks. Your gallery page link stays the same although more publications are added which drives readers easier to your page. Your magazines and catalogs don’t disappear in recycle bins of users, instead your publications are available live and all the time on the gallery page.

MagNet e-Publishing includes a GalleryPage in its new automated online publishing service

With the brand new MagNet e-Publishing GalleryPage you can add whole collections of magazines to your website and showcase it for your readers. The use is so simple and flexible and no skills are required to handle the publishing workflow. Get your MagNet e-Publishing GalleryPage now and start publishing professionally!

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Exploring new tools for creating material for your business idea can empower yourself to use digital publications as a way to reach wider audiences. At the same time can inspire your colleagues and employees to try new alternatives for digital markets.

Your trial ePaper is valid for one week. After this the ePaper will be automatically deleted from our server, but if you like how it works then you can always make a new one!


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